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In my Real Estate Career I ALWAYSListen to the needs of my clients!! Always expect the unexpected!!  Always anticipate a Win-Win outcome!! And I ALWAYS want a happy ending!!!!

In my Real Estate Career I NEVERSettle for second best!! Never force a transaction.  Never close a door that can’t be opened again!!

Husband – Jeff
Children – 4 Step-children:Ellen, Audrey,Andrew, Allison….2 furry kids – Molly (dog), Lucy (kitty)
In my other life I-would live in Chicago on Michigan Avenue, not own a car and take cabs everywhere!!!  I’d cook gourmet meals and have big, fancy dinner parties…which of course, you’d be invited!!!  I’d live in the penthouse, high in the sky, overlooking Lake Michigan and I’d have a doorman!!!  I’d wear fake fur coats, shop at Macy’s and eat at all the fabulous restaurants!!! I think I’d wear red lipstick with my nails matching and drink Martini’s!!!  And I’d have the Love of my Life by my side and be surrounded by friends and family and laughter… and oh, the fun we’d have…in my other life!!!
The “Lesson from Mom” I still live by -Good Catholic Mom’s Rules to Live By…1) Never miss Sunday mass…Never!!  2) Ignore the bad and PRAISE the good.  3) If you lose something….Pray to St. Anthony…”because he always helps you find it”!!  4)  “Never ever ever leave the house without your lipstick on!!!”
My least favorite fashion trend –Falling off baggy pants!!!  What on earth?!?!?.
One thing from my bucket list –Really…just one thing?….my list is so long… 1) Act in a Play   2) Write a children’s book   3) Learn how to blow glass  4) Try piano lessons again  5)  Vacation in Alaska  6)  Make homemade wine  7)  Sleep on a boat  8)  Learn to sew  9) Tour a lighthouse 10) Have my Mother In Law Ann teach me how to make bread…She’s the best!!!  11) Have a floor to ceiling library in my house with a ladder on rollers to reach the ones at the very top!!!  12) Travel by train to a vacation destination  13)  Finish the attic in our home and make it a great hide away place when life gets too crazy!!  14)  Live to be 100!!!
My favorite super hero – My Dad : )
Chocolate or Vanilla – Vanilla!!!! Yummy!!!