• Do a PRE-listing house inspection.This will eliminate surprises at closing time and provide you ample time to address any issues. Commit to spending some time on the house preparation phase – it will most likely be the most productive time you can spend!
    • Rooms: Have every room in the house – including closets, garage and storage rooms – prepared for Buyers like to look inside every area of the home they are considering buying. They like to see how much space they have. And remember – potential buyers are there to view your HOUSE – not your STUFF.
    • Exterior vs. Interior: Some homes can have amazing “I can’t wait to see this” curb appeal, but the inside looks as though a truck has run through. The opposite can also be true – if the interior glows with the latest in popular design trends, don’t leave the yard looking like the neighborhood junk man was in charge.
    • Have a yard sale: Before you Sell, donate or trash anything you don’t need!
  • Know what you can and cannot change about your home. This allows you to concentrate on those items that bring the highest rewards. Visit with your Advantage Realtor about prioritizing your “Home Work” to maximize your competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Strategize with your Advantage Realtor about highlighting the strengths of your home at showings.  When it comes to preparing a home to be viewed and SOLD – there is both art and science to staging it before it is listed to maximize its appeal to the broadest number of target buyers. Home decorating and home staging are two VERY different concepts.  When you decorate your home, you do so with your personal tastes and preferences in mind. The mission of successful home staging is to strategically neutralize the look and feel of your home so it appeals to more buyers. (See Staging your home)
  • Consult with your Advantage Realtor regarding the correct pricing for your home.  Price is determined by the market – not by sellers, agents, or your friends – unless they are going to buy the property! Your Advantage Realtor will show you homes in the area that will be competing for the same buyers. Homes sell at fair market value.  Pricing a home realistically will bring an early sale, stronger offers, fewer